Plate Tek – CIP


PlateTek offers a comprehensive, independent CIP evaluation service. Whether you are preparing for an audit, or have modified or up-sized your plant and need to verify the suitability of your CIP system to the new duty, PlateTek can measure the various parameters of your system and generate a full report detailing all results.

  • Services we provide:
  • Comprehensive, independent CIP evaluation service
  • Measurement of the various parameters of your system:
  • Flowrate, time, detergent concentration
  • Full report provided detailing all results
  • Generation of schematics of CIP system
  • Visit to site to carry out on-site testing of the following:
  • Flowrates of CIP feed and return on CIP lines
  • Measurement of conductivity, temperature and pH of the
    CIP return to each process vessel or equipment item at various stages of each cycle as appropriate.
  • The time allowed for each stage of the procedure.
  • Full check on each CIP circuit verifying the suitability of the design and equipment for cleaning by CIP.
  • Measurement of the volume of each cleaning circuit and the volume of the CIP tank in order to verify that tank capacity is greater than the volume of the largest cleaning circuit.
  • Preparation of a report containing results of all measurements taken on site, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the CIP system and any remarks, recommendations, observations etc. made during the site visit.


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